How Old Must I Be To Go On A Tour?

All guests must be at least 21 years old and have a valid photo ID in order to participate on a tour. There are no exceptions to this rule.

How Much Do Our Tours Costs?

York City Walking Tour:                    $59 per person

York City Standard Bus Tour:            Coming Soon!

Non-Drinker Tickets are available for all tours (21+ only, all the fun, none of the alcohol) at $15 less the normal price.

Private Charter & Specialty Tours Are Available: Pricing is available upon request

What is Included in the Price?

The Tours are ALL INCLUSIVE! The tour price includes up to 16 different beers (ranging from 3 to 5 ounce pours), VIP access of up to 4 breweries, brewery entrance fees, brewery gratuity, an experienced Beer Guide, cold storage for six packs and growlers, and a historical tour of York City!

If you purchase beer and swag from our brewers, and we hope you do, so you can brag and make your friends jealous when you get home, you’ll be responsible for that. You’ll also have the opportunity to purchase food, as well as exclusive, limited release beers (as available) from the breweries, which is your responsibility, too.

What is a Beer Guide?

A Beer Guide is the rare combination of witty, charming charisma, coupled with an extensive knowledge of beer and all its goodness, not to mention a whole lotta stuff about the area. In other words, you’ll love our Beer Guides!

 Is Tip For Your Beer Guide Included In The Price?

If you think your Beer Guide was great, and we’re sure you will, we suggest a tip of $5 per person. But, please don’t feed our Beer Guides! They may become dependent and follow you home.

 How Long Is a Tour?

Tours range from 3 to 5 hours in duration from beginning to end. Private and Specialty tour times may vary. Times may vary depending on travel time and the number of breweries selected.

How Do I Book a Tour?

CLICK HERE to purchase tickets. Then choose which tour you want to book, select a date, fill out the necessary information, and that’s about it. If you experience any issues booking a tour, please contact us at

Where Is Pick-Up/Drop-Off?

All tours will depart from and return to the parking lot next to the Philadelphia Street Garage, 25 W. Philadelphia St. York PA 17401.

Please do not attempt to drive after participating in any tour offered by Brewery Tours, LLC. Brewery Tours, LLC does not guarantee parking at any of its designated pick-ups or drop-offs and is not responsible for any damage, theft, tickets, or towing which resulted from parking at or near the designated pick-ups or drop-offs. We offer pick-ups and drop-offs that are conveniently located to arrive by public transportation, taxi, Uber or Lyft.


What Time Is Pick-Up?

The tour will depart promptly at the official tour start time. We strongly recommend arriving at the pick up location at least 15 minutes before departure to check in. If guests are not at the pick up location by the tour start time, the tour will leave without you. No refund will be provided to guests that miss the boat (No we don’t have a boat tour option - would be cool if we did – It’s a figure of speech!).

Can I Book the Morning Of?

Absolutely! Assuming there are seats available, of course.

Can I Drink On The Tour?

We do not allow any consumption of alcohol on our tour vehicles or while walking between breweries. There is plenty of beer included with the tour. You are, however, able to purchase beer from the breweries to take home with you. Cold storage will be provided on our tour vehicles.

Can I Buy Beer At the Breweries?

YES!! We encourage it. Pick up a growler, a couple cans, and seasonal exclusives. Some of the beers you will be sampling never make it to the tap houses or distributors. So, get them while you can. You wont find fresher beer until the next time you visit us.

Cold storage will be provided on the tour vehicles for beer purchased during the tour.

What Do I Need To Bring?

1. Yourself.
2.  A valid photo ID.
3. A growler or funds to buy the great beer brewed by our brewers to take home with you.
4. Comfortable clothes, closed toe shoes required as you will be walking around working breweries.
5. Your thirst!

Can I Book a Private Tour?

Yes!! Please contact us for more details. Let us know the size of your group and what you’re looking to experience, as we have many options available.

I Don’t Have A Place To Stay!

While our Beer Guides might seem like really great roommates, rather than going home with them at the end of the tour, we can provide a number of referrals for hotels, motels, Air BnB’s, and BnB’s. Contact us for more information.